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Bhangracise, a class to rival Zumba via @hemajohar @deevarestaurant

It’s been a big year for Bollywood in Yorkshire.

Bollywood dances usually follow or are choreog...
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The region celebrated the centenary of the phenomenal film industry with the live television opera extravaganza Bollywood Carmen and now Farsley village has a Bollywood dance class to rival Zumba!

Hema Johar, 25, is a professional Bollywood dancer. She breaks down famous routines step-by-step at family restaurant Deeva restaurant in Town Street.

As the word-of mouth about Bhangracise spreads, I visited an early session with a class of ten, who were rehearsing a routine to perform live in front of an audience.

They group together above the restaurant in a private space.  Joy Good, in her early 50s has come since the first session said: “I like the intimacy of these classes, it’s really good fun. You get some endorphins released and  I love the music”.

Accessories such as jingly bangles and sparkly scarves are incorporated into the routines for the glitzy Bollywood effect and it is a new experience for all of the ladies.

Sangeeta Champaneri, a regular attendee said: “I’ve come because I’m not a natural dancer and thought I had no coordination but Hema’s  very patient and she adds an element of fun into it and before you know an hour has gone so quickly and it’s just a fun way to keep fit.”

The troupe’s second live performance is expected at Deeva on a New Year’s Eve dinner and dance evening planned. Hema said: ” It’s a nice relaxed vibe and I’m so proud of my ladies. They’ve come so far. When everyone’s doing the routine synchronised it looks awesome.”

Sangeeta added: “It’s nice to meet  people of all different backgrounds and mixed , not everyone’s an experienced dancer  but it’s fun and everyone’s willing to have a go”.

Bhangracise is held at Deeva Restaurant, 58 Town Street, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5LD

Contact Hema Johar here to enquire about her teaching services and buy tickets.