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Poem of the day: The interchange #NaPoWriMo

Wolves made out of Sheep's fur The divide multiplies: The interchange
The divide multiplies: The interchange

Am I a threat or threatened?

Even the walls have eyes and ears.
I walk through the interchange with fear of being feared.

What’s that I hear?
Grunts as they speak about me.
Can I believe what I see?
Parents grabbing hands, distinctly removing loved ones from me.
From my path.

Is it paranoia?
What is it that I possess?
You judge me from the way I dress.
From the beige in my face.

What a fall from grace.

If you look me up you’ll find I always lived by the book.
Suddenly my mind is over-conscious – I used to blend in, now do I even fit in?

Noone’s winning,
Just dividing.

Faith lost in pretenders.

Objective becomes selective.
Now more people look beyond a lens and a self-fulfilling agenda.
Amid soul searching and scrolling,
petitioning and polling.

The divide multiplies.

I walk through the interchange intolerable.
Eyes closed, music on.