Poem a Day: Woman: #NaPoWriMo


Rose petals and woman silhouette digital art hd wallpaper
You cannot stop a force of nature
Her questions are getting no answers and she has to ask them louder.
She’s given no explanation and her confusion is growing stronger.

She is alone, determined to survive. She has the energy, in her mind.

She is a fighter and there is so much to live for, that’s why she was born. She will honor it. Do not cause her any harm.

If she feeds her soul, do you fear she can outgrow you? Don’t forget, she can uphold you.

She’ll put a message in a bottle. She will not be unheard.

You cannot stop a force of nature, it will catch up with you, it already encapsulates you.

The force is too strong.

She has been standing up for centuries and she will not to be silenced.

There’s nothing that can stop her, not ancestry, not violence.

Not even judgment because she knows…

All she needs is one person, because that love is strong.

Love lasts for all time, no matter where she has gone.


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