Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL: Five reasons why the Hit & Run Tour is so awesome


5) Ticket touts, have been left out in the cold by Prince’s marketing strategy

Slick Prince, slick

This has been a mini-triumph for real music fans.  Seatwave have had to refund over-inflated tickets they bought in bulk for the Manchester shows (Friday 21 February Saturday 22 February). As a result of this, Manchester Academy were able to offer a limited number of tickets  on the door.

4) Avoiding the middlemen

That’s a no from Prince

Years before Beyoncé declared “I don’t trust these record labels I’m tourin'” from her surprise visual album;  Prince  was releasing free and independent music. He is renowned for cutting out the middleman and the Hit and Run tour is just another part of his style.  

The anxiousness at getting into such small venues is rewarded for fans: When only 150 people showed up for a last-minute announced second gig on the Friday in Manchester – they were treated to his encore rather than a second show – four encores  by the way. The mis-communication left the encore arrivals feeling out of pocket  but they were guaranteed free entry into Saturday night’s gig.

3) No smartphones

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL
Prince prefers analogue

This one can cause a mixed reaction. Prince has always fought for the copyright of his work and while everybody wants a keepsake of their concert experience – some people forget to live in the moment and can end up watching a full show through their smartphone lens.

2) Lianne La Havas

Her name is Lianne La Havas

Obviously, over the last 30 years, people who have grown up loving Prince’s music have gone on to become musicians themselves. The icon has always recognised this and reached out despite being an enigma. British performers he has invited to perform with him include Beverley Knight, Mica Paris and Amy Winehouse. Prince discusses “real music” in an upcoming edition of MOJO magazine and he questions why people like La Havas are not having hits.

Prince’s only UK interview

He also held his press conference for the tour with 3RDEYEGIRL in La Havas’ living room.

1) Funk N Roll

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL

Prince’s latest group 3RDEYEGIRL are made up of guitarist Donna Grantis, drummer Hannah Ford and bassist Ida Nielsen and boy do they rock! This is real music played by talented musicians who can keep up with Prince. The PRETZELBODYLOGIC era is a larger-than-life experience of rock and funk where the band and Prince all perform their chops off!

Music is available to buy from 3RDEYEGIRL’s website.


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