The Dexter finale. Easy as pie? @SHO_Dexter

Dexter: Where can I get a good key lime pie? Deb: You can't. They all taste like sour dog shit

Dexter: Where can I get a good key lime pie?
Deb: You can’t. They all taste like sour dog shit

I don’t usually write about television, but I’m not over the Dexter finale.

I have read all the blogs, all the twitter reaction, all the interviews with the show writers and  feel disappointed. Not because of Debra’s fate (although there were many tears) and not because I would have preferred Dexter to live his happy family life in Argentina or for him to have died (rather than become a lonely wood cutter) – I get itsolitude is his just punishment.

What leaves me gutted is that the more I read about the behind-the-scenes, this ending was written fairly recently and without too much cause or thought

Let’s rewind a bit –  since series 8 began; by chance I happened to try Key Lime Pie and I instantly remembered that certain episode.

It’s series 3, episode 7: “Easy as Pie”, where Dexter is faced with the moral dilemma of killing a good person – his dad’s friend, Camilla who is terminally ill with lung cancer. Her two requests from Dexter are for him to find her the perfect Key Lime Pie and to end her suffering by taking her life.

I decided to watch this episode in the middle of the final season for the Key Lime Pie comedy and when the finale aired I thought what I was watching eerily linked into the final episode.

In between the flashback scenes in series 8’s  “Remember the Monsters”, I was having flashbacks of my own from “Easy as Pie” – a conversation between Dexter and Debra about Camilla dying in hospital:-

Dex: She’s in a lot of pain.

Deb: Then I hope she goes fast.

Dex: Not likely.

Deb: Shit. Just shoot me if i ever get like that.

Dex: Really?

Deb: Hell yes. I’d do the same for you. Pull the plug, put a pillow over your head, whatever. I’d never let you suffer

Dex: You wouldn’t would you?

To recap on what’s going in series 3, Dexter has found a friend, Miguel Prado who shares his honourable code for killing (or so he hopes). He’s engaged to Rita, playing the family man, the friend, the big brother all successfully and you get the feeling he’s not acting  in his human interactions, at least with Miguel and Deb.

But from reading all the post finale interviews this conversation during Easy as Pie was merely a coincidence, which for me, took away from all the little meanings I looked for in the final episode such as Hurricane Laura (Dexter’s birth mother, Laura Moser), Debra in a white sheet (as opposed to a black bin liner) when Dexter releases her body in the water.

The kernel idea were the last few scenes. They were what I pitched a few years ago. The main idea was Dexter is forced to kill Debra. And there are many ways that could happen. But those final scenes were pretty much unchanged.– Scott Buck, Dexter Show Runner speaking to Entertainment Weekly

Ultimately, after thinking about it this hard, the show was life-like because Debra’s death was devastatingly real – that agonising hospital wait. Yes the show had lots of loose plots and time-wasting moments that could have had more purpose  (Masuka’s daughter; all of Batista’s relationships – every last one of them).

But I am sad to see the show go. Every season Dexter (Michael C Hall) and Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) gave the show many reasons to watch. Debra Morgan is my favourite TV Character ever and that’s down to Carpenter. Believable, funny as fuck and delivering emotional pull dead or alive. It’s my true fan opinion that Debra couldn’t have lived happily without Dexter so it’s easier to accept her character’s death.

I agree with all the frustration of the finale. Life after Dexter really won’t be the same. I’ll miss him.

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DEXTER (Photo credit: Chesi – Fotos CC)

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