Return of the Wu Tang Clan: 20th anniversary approaches

Various members of the Wu Tang Clan are hoping to mark the 20th anniversary of their monumental debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) this November with a comeback LP.

Wu Tang

Front-member Method Man is championing the comeback along with producer RZA and Ghostface Killah.
Method Man announced over the weekend during a performance at the Key Club in Hollywood, California: “This year will be the Wu-Tang Clan’s twentieth anniversary. How many brothers kept a job for twenty years? The same job. That’s the shit. We owe that shit to each and every fan that ever supported our music, and that’s real talk”.

It’s not just Method Man that thinks the group’s 20th anniversary is the right time for a comeback – forefront member/producer RZA also wants to reprise his role as the creative director of the group; and Ghostface Killah, who is currently recording for the comeback LP said: “I believe in [RZA] because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be standing here today”.

A glimmer of hope for fans wanting the whole clan to reform came from Raekwon. During a chat with hip hop site RapFix Live last month, he said on a Wu comeback: “I just want everything to be right, the business. When we made a lot of our great music, it was because we were in harmony. You cannot put guys together if there is no harmony, and on top of it, we’re doing business”.

The group’s last album, 8 Diagrams was released in 2007, and with the death of popular member ODB in 2004, various incarnations of the group have toured at different times. Signature members GZA, Tical, Inspectah deck, U-God and Masta Killa are yet to publicly announce their involvement in the 20th anniversary project.


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