#NaPoWriMo: New Poem: Microaggressions (part 1)

Microaggressions part 1
Microaggressions part 1

Today a new colleague asked me : “Where are you from?”
and she told me that I don’t look Indian.
She shrugged off my reply and said: “What about your parents then?”
I told her: “From Bradford, second generation.”

An old colleague confuses me with the last Asian face
I replaced.
Alma’s been on maternity leave for nearly a year and my name is too hard to remember.
When I correct him he struggles to say Selina
and jokes that my name could be easier.

Daily Prompt, day 14 #NaPoWriMo: Twenty Questions

Soul Searching: Take me there
Soul Searching: Take me there

What is a soul?
Is it  who you are?
We can’t see it but can we touch it?
Is it so deep it’s too far?

Where is my soul? Will anyone know?
If I open my heart will they both show?

What’s in a heart?  Look  deeper in vein or is that too vain?
My deepest secrets trapped in chains.
If I make a change will my soullessness fade?
A quiet storm unlocks the pain.
Rupturing dams pent up, built up, built upon, relayed over to pump the dead inside.
Cutting deep, weeding the weeps in the willows, unearthing where a pure soul resides.
Somewhere over the cracked rib,
Away far below the tear ducts,
That’s where I’ll find it.

#NaPoWriMo dreams of a poet


Selina Ditta
Selina Ditta

Try not to be a pessimist;
don’t give up over opportunities missed.
In search of happiness.

There’s nothing in the world like freedom;
love your life and live it.
Do your best; be yourself.
Go for your dreams or you may regret it.


Facing fears for #NaPoWriMo ‘s day 2 challenge – myths and legends

Eclipse: I face the laughing clown with legs kicking in the water
Eclipse: I face the laughing clown with legs kicking in the water

Through the looking glass you haunt my dark corners,
In the shower I bleed the  jaws that bite.

The memories of mourners  remind me I can’t fight it.

I face the laughing clown with legs kicking in the water,
I let the spiders crawl without a thought except full fright.

Composing myself for the greatest test of all.

Character and will.

And has thou slain the elementary figure senseless head?”

I erased the chalk, whispered in ritual and checked the bed.

Pointing the finger stops working when I dust the mirror.

Left to account for the amount of damage in  fictitious worlds.
The nightmares of a girl who runs from her own steps but can’t forget.

Unleash the scared child that grew old in the night,
Ready to fly the final hour in light.

#NaPoWriMo Poem: Defeat

Live well. Love much. Laugh often: Don't worry be happy
Live well. Love much. Laugh often: Don’t worry be happy

Where do I begin
From the outside looking in,
Always living in a dream world imagining…
This thing…
hopes & wishes spinning in aspiration winning,
taking over my whole being.
Concentration lax in planning pen to paper-wax..
Self fulfilling prophesy got lost on me, well yes that’s me!
People shout self doubt grows loud.
You want to be lyrical – girl you need a miracle.
You can’t even look them in the eye, are you weird or are you shy?
Stutters and mutters. Mumbles & fumbles, a sheep in the jungle.
They want to lead her they think they can teach her.
Cuz she always rambles & she’s always random.
You say, I am then, roll on in tandem, defeat them in spite them.
Listen to what they say?
They say: to avoid criticism – do nothing, say nothing – be nothing.
What is this existence? You have to start living.

#NaPoWriMo Turn Repeat Off: From Love song to Lil Kim diss

Stuttering syllables like a broken record
Stuttering syllables like a broken record

The beat of a dholki; a drumming heart,
Or that of lush strings when pulled apart,
is you.

Taking deep breaths like a saxophone player,
and just as blue.
That’s you.
Playing me  - symphony #3 in the key of a minor part of your melody.

I thought I was your chorus, boy,
the part that always comes round, gives you butterflies, stays in your head
Makes you wanna sing in the shower and helps you relax in bed.

Did I get played out?
We were wild staccato,
But you’re switching the uptempo for a ballad?
Oh no!
Can she be in tune like I thought I was – in sync with you?

Maybe I knew there was a crescendo coming that I tried to slow  down;
But the bridge that burned our verse had to come around, Before the chorus had to fade.

No don’t ad lib,
because I’m switching from love song to a Lil’ Kim diss.
I’m skipping your track, and any time wasting interlude,
To find a better tune.

You’re stuttering syllables like a broken record
– no point in rewinding or even another chance trying >
I’m moving forward;
past you, because “repeat all’s” getting tired.

*switch off*


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